Six Star Machinery Industry Co. Ltd.


Robotics-GearDrive systems for robot movement and positioning will play a key role in improving robotic performance and driving market growth in this area. Industrial robots in particular require increased torque and precision by gear reducers but will also pose the main challenge in the coming years. Through work in international open innovation projects, Six Star has dedicated time and resources to study gears used in robotics, and we continue to make progress in the development of gear reducers with higher transmission torque and efficiency while keeping dimensions to a minimum.

Cycloid gear reducers are one of the exciting solutions Six Star provides for robotics. The structure of the cycloid gear reducer is simpler and smaller than traditional gears, allowing for the unique torque, efficiency, and size requirements of modern robotics. They also provide a cost advantage over other gears. Through constant research and innovation, Six Star continues to improve precision and efficiency to the benefit of our customers.