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Cylindrical Gears


A complete selection of cylindrical gear products

Gear-and-Shaft-ChartCylindrical gears continue to play a key role in the gear world, and they account for more than 60-70% of the gear market (2004, Frost & Sullivan). With 35 years of development experience, Six Star can provide complete cylindrical gear solutions for our customers. Our main manufacturing capacity is shown in the table to the right:

In addition, the portfolio of cylindrical gears we can provide is quite broad, including external gear, internal gear, spur gear, helical gear, and shafts. We make sure our gears meet our customers’ expectations and reach the highest transmission efficiency (99%) and high speed (10000 RPM).

The applications for our cylindrical gears are extensive: machine tools, textile machines, pumps, compressors, healthcare equipment, agriculture machines, printing machines, sawing machines, and so on. We provide custom design and manufacture services for customers and offer a warm and informative welcome to everyone who contacts us.

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